On 11th September 2014 we were Inspected by Ofsted and are delighted to announce that we have retained our 'Outstanding' judgement. At Attimore Barn we work tirelessly to bring you 'Outstanding' childcare everyday and to have this recognised by Ofsted is wonderful and an achievement we are very proud of.

To read the glowing report in full please click here.


Quotes from the report:

"All children's progress and achievements are exceptional given their starting points and capabilities, because teaching is outstanding. Well-qualified staff make excellent use of precise assessments, which enable them to plan a variety of activities that are stimulating and incorporate the interests of individual children."


"The leadership and management is inspirational. The well-established staff team are highly motivated by the joint owners and the pre-school manager, and they work very well together to promote their drive for continuous improvement. Highly effective and continuous self-evaluation enables staff to rapidly identify and constantly improve their already excellent practice."

"Partnerships with parents, carers and others are outstanding and enhance all aspects of children's overall care and well-being. Parents are hugely involved in the pre-school and speak highly of the staff commitment to promoting their children's learning and development. As a result, children receive a consistent approach to their learning."

"Relationships between children and staff are forming beautifully. Key persons work extremely hard to promote close bonds and attachments with all children and their families. Children's self-confidence is extremely well-promoted and they all show very high levels of concentration and independence."

"Children's safety is exceptionally well-promoted because staff constantly promote their understanding of staying safe, and safeguarding overall is given the maximum priority. Children learn about keeping themselves safe as they use a wonderful range of equipment both inside and outside of the pre-school."